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The Profitable Advisor Podcast

Every month, million dollar fee-based financial advisor Dan Cuprill shares ideas and strategies on how build profit-driven planning practices. For more information, visit

Nov 30, 2017

When someone gives you coaching, it's usually a good thing. But if you get the wrong kind of coaching, it could be a huge detriment to your business and your ultimate success. Dan attended a recent coaching guru's bootcamp and shares his findings with us on this week's podcast. #ThereAreNoGurus

Nov 21, 2017

Ever have a client who gets so bogged down by the details of a plan that it threatens your relationship before it even gets off the ground? Dan will tell us how he helped "Detail Dave" sort out his financial anxiety and need for ridiculous amounts of detail throughout the process.

Nov 16, 2017

Client testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing strategies a small business can implement. But they're forbidden in the financial services industry. However, Dan has a way you can use testimonials in your practice without breaking the law.

Nov 9, 2017

A renegade advisor is someone who's not afraid to stand out from other advisors. Dan gives us several strategies you can implement to become a "renegade" and grow your business by being contrarian.

Nov 2, 2017

Dan tells us about the message that launched the growth of his business dramatically once he worked it into his marketing.