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The Profitable Advisor Podcast

Every month, million dollar fee-based financial advisor Dan Cuprill shares ideas and strategies on how build profit-driven planning practices. For more information, visit

Jan 6, 2020

Dan doesn’t bring on guests unless he truly values the information they provide, and that’s why he tracked down Gabe Lewit to learn more about his CRM system. Find out why this direct mail nurturing can be done more effectively, efficiently, and affordably using a new system created by Vision Financial Marketing, and find out how Gabe deploys a six-spoke marketing wheel.


About This Episode:

We’ve talked quite a bit about the importance of lead-nurturing on this podcast and we want to take that to another level on this episode.

Dan has been utilizing Vision Financial Marketing’s new direct mail and CRM system for a little while now and wanted to share what he’s learned with you. This platform provides financial professionals with an easy and automated way to grow your business. The best part of this is there is a completely free option that is actually useful and valuable.

In order to learn more about it and provide you with a thorough description of what this new system is and how to best utilize it, we tracked down one of the creators, Gabe Lewit. He and his father, Steve, run a financial firm but recently started this new business to improve marketing. Dan became fascinated with the system after realizing that it masters lead-nurturing and follow-up by leveraging direct mail so he brought Gabe on the show to discuss this in more detail.

You’ll learn quite a bit about this system, how it’s used, and the many features available, but Gabe also explains the six-spoke marketing wheel he uses for his business. If you want to learn about a system that has proven to work, this is a conversation you’ll want to play close attention to. Here are the six ways Gabe markets to potential clients:

  • Seminars
  • Educational workshops
  • Direct mail drip marketing
  • Email in combination with strong website
  • Non-workshop based client events
  • Client referrals

That process will be a major focus of this episode along with this direct mail strategy so have a listen and find out why Dan is so excited about this new company.

If you want to connect with Gabe, visit this link and he’ll be in touch. And for more on this topic and other strategies to growing your business, join us over at

Here's today's rundown:

1:33 – Today we welcome on Gabe Lewit to the show.  

3:52 – Here’s what got Dan excited about Gabe and what he’s discovered with the Vision Financial Marketing system.

5:51 – The first thing we want to get is the role of lead nurture.

9:09 – How it started for Gabe and his dad.

10:20 – After getting little results the first year, the formulated a new system.  

11:32 – Gabe feels there are two keys to on-going success in nurturing.

12:15 – There are benefits to email, but how many people share their primary email address to marketers?

13:19 – The six-spoke marketing wheel Gabe uses. Here are the first two.   

15:52 – Strategies for choosing workshop topics.

18:16 – The third spoke in the marketing wheel.

19:21 – Pay attention to this: you aren’t sending the same message to everyone.

23:32 – This seems intricate and time-consuming, but Gabe’s platform is built to make this automated.

27:03 – A real-life example of how efficient and cost-effective this can be.

33:39 – How to set up an account on

34:31 – Dan describes his experience using just the free version of the platform.

36:51 – Here are the three levels and what the features are.

44:44 – Let’s go back to the other three spokes in the marketing wheel.

47:53 – The fifth spoke

50:00 – The final part of the wheel is client referrals.