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The Profitable Advisor Podcast

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Sep 3, 2019

In recent weeks, Dan Kennedy’s health has taken a downturn and he has even recognized that his final days might be ahead. As tributes pour in for this incredible businessman, advisor, and mentor, we wanted to celebrate his life and what he’s taught us along the way. We’ll do that by sharing the books, products and lessons we recommend.


As August came to an end, an emotional letter from Dan Kennedy was posted online for his company, friends, and family. In it, he shares a message of inspiration and hopefulness as he prepares for his final days.

His health has deteriorated and it lead to much speculation that Kennedy passed away, but the last update to says he’s still in hospice and enjoying the tributes that are being sent in. That might change at some point after this podcast has been published, but at the time of this episode he was still with us.

His life compelled Dan Cuprill and Heather to share the things they’ve learned from Kennedy throughout their careers. From books to marketing lessons to funny stories, his impact on this podcast is very similar to the one he’s made on many people throughout business and entrepreneurship for decades.

We hope you’ll be able to pick up something new during this episode and apply it to your life and career. There are a few book recommendations we’ll make from our personal collections. We’ll also talk about the top lessons we’ve been taught from Kennedy and still use. There will also be additional products that we’ll highlight along the way.

We’ll close the show today with a message of gratitude from Dan for all that Kennedy has done for the small business community around the world.

To save you some time, we’ve highlighted the topics below. Just click on the timestamps to skip ahead in the episode or go back to something you want to hear again.

1:51 – Dan Kennedy’s health hasn’t been great so we’re focusing our episode on him today.

4:33 – Discussing the things we’ve learned from Dan.   

5:35 – The first lesson is time management.

8:15 – Putting my phone in the drawer serves me well in this.

9:09 – What Dan Cuprill thinks is the most important thing about time management.

9:42 – We often allow ourselves to get distracted.

11:32 – The second lesson is autonomy.

12:23 – Cuprill learned the Art of Curmudgeonry.

14:32 – The books he got us into.

15:47 – The third lesson learned is to not follow the crowd.

17:00 – He always talked about the importance of follow-up.  

18:29 – Don’t be boring.  

21:25 – Let’s now talk about his work and what he accomplished during his career.   

22:01 – Heather shares her first favorite book that Kennedy wrote.

25:00 – Another product that Heather really likes - $252,000 Platinum Meetings.

26:40 – Another favorite book: Make Them Laugh and Take Their Money

28:13 – A great reference tools that Cuprill recommends.

28:42 – Cuprill’s top book recommendation: No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits

31:09 – A Kennedy quote that Heather absolutely loves.

31:47 – How can financial advisors apply Kennedy’s teachings?

33:57 – Don’t use food to entice people to a meeting.

36:32 – Why it’s important to have marketing systems.

37:17 – Where you can find Kennedy products if you haven’t seen or heard him at all.

39:25 – One last message to Kennedy.