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The Profitable Advisor Podcast

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Dec 2, 2020

This show helps advisors find a path to profitability and shares strategies to build your business. But no matter how many ideas and action plans get laid in front of you, it all comes down to whether you have the mindset to chase your dreams and believe in your own success.


Most people, not just advisors, lack this ‘Millionaire Mindset’ that our guest Nina Cooke talks about. She is a business growth coach that helps entrepreneurs develop a mindset to reach success, and we wanted her to help us get a better understanding of how to achieve this.


When you talk about a mindset, what we mean is it’s all about what you think and what you believe is true about you, other people, and the world.


When you have a mindset that you’ll go out and get what you want, you’ll find away to reach that goal. Most people, however, don’t have that level of confidence. A lot of that thinking is formed as a child and we carry that into adulthood. As we move through our lives, we look for situations that confirm that belief that we can’t achieve those extreme goals.


So how do you get there? Cooke goes into detail on this during the episode. But the key pieces to having a strong mindset are these three: make a decision, make a commitment to that decision, and then follow through.


We also ask her to lay out steps someone can take to improve their mindset and begin moving closer to their goals. First, become aware. Acknowledge when you’re beating yourself up with your thinking or comparing yourself to other people. The second step is acceptance. Accept this is how you think rather than wishing things were different. The third step is to take action. After you’ve accepted where you stand, how are you going to change it? That’s when you sit down with a clear mind and begin to lay out a plan.


So many people also struggle with implementing an action plan and it’s often due to their mindset. That’s why we going to have Nina involved with the Renegade Advisors program, which we’ll have more details on soon. In the meantime, visit Nina’s website and download The Millionaire Mindset Scorecard.



So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:


  • What makes a good and bad mindset
  • Examples of people that succeed
  • How we end up with self-limiting beliefs
  • The role your parents play in your mindset
  • Habits you can instill
  • Steps to improve your thinking
  • The use of visualization
  • How Dan approaches thinking

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Here's the rundown for today's show:

2:02 – Beginning our interview with Nina

3:16 – What is mindset and what distinguishes a good one from a bad one?

6:34 – Why don’t most people have the confidence

8:11 – The impact of parents

11:41 – Dan’s shares his childhood

16:08 – The habits people can employ to improve their mindset

23:51 – The power of visualization

31:11 – Nina going to be a part of a program we’re offering.

33:40 - How to reach Nina