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The Profitable Advisor Podcast

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Apr 15, 2021

If you want a master class on marketing strategy, this might be the closest you’ll get in a single podcast episode.

Today we’re talking with Kia Arian, who we’ve worked with for a few years. She’s a strategist and graphic designer to many of the biggest marketing names out there. She’s also helped with Dan’s upcoming book, Advisor VooDoo: Mastering the Dark Arts of Asset Management. 

If you want a step-by-step strategy for marketing, this show will cover just about every aspect of the process in detail. By the time you get finished with the episode – and we think you might listen to it a few times – you will have a very good understanding of Kia’s approach and why she’s become so successful.

Also, make sure you check out this link to Kia’s program and learn more about how it helps advisors build their business:

So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:

  • How she made the transition from print shop to strategist.
  • The Fly in the Window story
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about a having a niche and that limiting your business.
  • Learning certain principles and tactics allows you to apply that to any area.
  • Her strategy to building and utilizing a Shock and Awe kit
  • What are the things you need to have in the kit?
  • The X-factor that will set you apart
  • Details on the postcard strategy attornies use to get referrals

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What we discuss on this episode: 

2:02 – Welcome in Kia

3:15 – Evolving into her current role as strategist  

6:31 – Working with attornies 

12:40 – Getting pigeonholed  

16:04 – Building your reputation  

18:27 – Utilizing Shock and Awe kits 

24:09 – What needs to be in the kit 

29:57 – Testimonials  

35:42 – Making it memorable 

37:47 – Packaging  

41:28 – Tissue paper

48:17 – Postcard strategies to get referrals

53:28 – Consistency

55:14 – Getting referrals from attornies and CPAs