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Jul 15, 2020

Over the past few episodes, we’ve spent a lot of time on target marketing because we feel it’s such an important piece to building a profitable business. Today we’re taking the conversation a step further and introducing you to an advisor that’s built a national business focused strictly one on profession: dentists.

It might seem like an extremely specific niche but it works very well, and there’s a lot we can learn.

Meet Reese Harper, Founder and CEO of Dentist Advisors. He designed a powerful service platform called Elements which is used by dentists across the country for retirement planning. After working for a few years at Northwestern Mutual, he left to start his own firm in 2008 because he wanted to build something bigger than just himself. That’s exactly what he’s done.

It’s a success story that didn’t come without a lot of time, sacrifice, and risk. During our conversation, we’ll discuss all of that and find out how this idea came to be. As you’ll hear, the target market came second to the platform he wanted to design and perfect first.

There are a lot of takeaways from the podcast, but the common thing you’ll hear from everyone that makes the decision to focus on specific niche market is that you need to gain the knowledge of that profession before you attempt to market to them. If you don’t know your stuff, they’ll see that immediately and it’ll cost you credibility.

So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:

  • Building a business from the beginning.
  • Creating systems
  • Characteristics for choosing a target market.
  • Regrets that he has through his career.
  • How important events are to his business.
  • How he uses his podcast to find advisors.

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Learn about the guest:


Today's show schedule: 

2:32 – Why did you decide to go into this niche?  

4:56 – He built out a spreadsheet to track the things that were important to him as an advisor.   

9:24 – How marketing factored into the decision at the beginning.  

13:37 – Choosing a target market.

18:52 – How they find clients early on.  

20:20 – Events are a big part of his strategy.

26:22 – How has COVID impacted the business?  

30:19 – They provided a lot of value to people during these challenging financial times.

32:43 – What would you have done differently if you could?  

37:18 – How he uses his podcast.