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The Profitable Advisor Podcast

Every month, million dollar fee-based financial advisor Dan Cuprill shares ideas and strategies on how build profit-driven planning practices. For more information, visit

Jun 1, 2022

Nearly every investor has some amount of exsposure to the stock market, and that likely means clients have questions when things start to drag. That's to be expected in this current investing environment so what should you be telling people that want to know how to react?

On this episode of the Profitable Advisor, Dan will tell you how he approaches the conversation with clients and what key points he likes to get across to those that are worried.

If history is any guide, we'll find our ways to navigate these choppy waters. We always have and we always will, but that doesn't mean there's not some pain and discomfort along the way.

The number one concern we have as advisors is protecting clients. Sure, there might be negative returns that happen year to year. But what we're worried about is making sure you don't run out of money in retirement and the returns in the short-term aren't a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

If you struggle at all with having these conversations or just want to hear how other advisors handle bad markets, check out this episode and keep an ear out for the key points below.


Today's Key Points:

1:33 - What we're talking about today

2:54 - Market declines aren't bad news

5:22 - Markets are not linear

7:21 - Already factored into planning

8:47 - Discomfort in early stages

10:34 - This is normal

12:44 - So what? 



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