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The Profitable Advisor Podcast

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Nov 7, 2019

Building a marketing plan to increase business takes a lot of work and planning, but one of the key elements to every strategy needs to be nurture. That’s the focus of today’s Profitable Advisor podcast as we explore this topic and share the best ways to nurture your client database.

Dan Didn’t Take His Planned Trip to Israel

On the last episode, Dan told us about his upcoming trip to Israel and his goals to bring back business lessons and strategies he learned. Well, it turns out the trip never happened. Find out what went wrong.

1:51 – Dan updates us on his trip to Israel, which ended up not happening.


Nurturing Should Be a Part of Every Marketing Plan

As we mentioned, follow-up is the focus of this episode and needs to be a focus in any marketing plan you develop. You’ve heard us talk about the importance of nurturing your relationships but let’s explain why it’s so important. Dan has a great example of how his plan to offer a pie during the holiday season to his list of clients resulted in him landing an appointment.

The strategies have worked really well for us recently so let’s talk about why that is. One piece of that is the daily email communication, but it needs to be more than a generic news email. Show off your personality. The good news is we can help you with that part of your marketing. If you’ve considered adding a daily email to your marketing plan, we can help you with that for a very small cost. All the information can be found at

4:56 – Today we’re talking about how important proper and systematic follow-up can be.

5:08 – Nurture is should be a big part of any marketing strategy.

6:19 – A story about how nurturing resulted in a client for Dan.

7:47 – Our nurture system has had great results lately.

8:28 – We now offer the opportunity to tap into our daily email marketing copy writing system for the price of coffee each day.


Bond Girl Breaks Follow-Up Into Two Types

One of the reasons we choose this topic for the podcast is the passion Bond Girl has for utilizing this strategy. She breaks down the follow-up into two streams: Situational and Long-Term.

With situational, there are three types of people you are targeting: the people that attended your event and made an appointment, the people that attended but didn’t make an appointment, and then the people that didn’t come at all.

11:18 – Two streams of follow-up as Bond Girl sees it. The first is situational.

11:43 – Three categories of people you should be following up with immediately after an event.

12:41 – The second stream of follow-up is Long-Term.

13:04 – How do you treat the person that wants to come in for an appointment?

16:30 – Now let’s look at the messaging for the people that attend but don’t book an appointment.

19:52 – Give people the option to say no upfront.


Make it Personal

There are a handful of communication methods you can choose and Bond Girl explains those, but the agree that everyone agrees is the voice you need to use in your communications. It’s always going to be more effective to be entertaining and informative. Don’t be afraid to pull back the curtain and show your personality. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself.

21:23 – That short-term follow-up can be in 5-6 different communication methods.

22:47 – The strategy for people that registered but didn’t come.

24:07 – One of the areas where advisors can get off track.

25:40 – Be entertaining with your frequent communications.  

27:37 – Share a little about yourself in your copy. Pull that curtain back.


Follow-Up or Die

We’ll wrap the discussion by talking about the types of follow-up and what we know about direct mail. In a world of digital everything, direct mail still resonates with people better than opening up an email. Bond Girl shares a great story about the $8 million postcard that will help you understand where to focus with direct mail.

29:20 – Let’s talk now about the types of follow-up

29:48 – Your brain actually connects to tangible things better than it does digitally.

32:11 – Let’s talk about using direct mail as a form of nurture and the strategies behind it.

34:17 – Some of the strategies that Dan has tried in the past to grab people’s attention.

37:28 – The $8 million postcard

39:20 – Wrapping it up, how long should we nurture a client?


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