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Jul 15, 2021

Life throws us curve balls all the time. It’s part of the journey and we all have to figure out how to overcome the challenge and keep pushing forward.

Having that added pressure of being a business owner makes it even tougher, but no matter how down you get, I want you to think about June Scharf. Our guest today might be familiar to some of the people we work with because she’s a talented writer and editor that assists advisors in our program, but her story will really change your perspective on life’s challenges.

As you come to find out, she’s the strongest person that I know and her story is one that will blow you away. We’ll let you listen to her tell it for herself, but it all began with a stroke at the age of 10. But through everything, she continues to come up with ways to overcome setbacks.

So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:

  • How the stroke happened and what it felt like.
  • The way she turned her tremor into a superpower.
  • The advice her dad gave her when she became a mom and worried about her abilities in that role.
  • Breast cancer at the age of 45.
  • Divorce came next, which was maybe even tougher because it was out of her control.
  • Losing her son to suicide
  • How writing became a coping mechanism and a creative outlet
  • You have to own your issues and that generates confidence.

To learn more about June, visit her website here: 

We also recommend watching her Ted Talk here: 

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Here's today's rundown:

1:58 – Life before the stroke

3:06 – Her explanation of the stroke

7:52 – Turning weakness into power

12:07 – Dad’s advice when she became a mom

14:07 – Bodybuilding  

16:18 – Breast cancer

17:42 – Divorce

19:11 – How we began working together

20:07 – Losing her son

23:15 – Coping mechanisms she’s used

28:46 – Dan’s experience dealing with Tourette syndrome